About Us

Coaches Matt Alexander and John Cope started the Blackhawks Futbol Club in 2010 because of their frustration with the way youth sports had been going. They wanted to focus on creating excellence in their players rather than focusing on wins and losses. The wins come after the individual sees excellence inside and then sees excellence evolve among their teammates. This is aptly explained in an article called "The Enemy of Excellence" located under the PARENT TRAINING tab.

It says, "the environment of youth sports is one that measures success in wins and losses rather than excellence. Once again we place too much value on the outcome as opposed to the process. It may seem a daunting task to alter the youth sports environment, but it is absolutely necessary to nurture the youth of today to grow into the healthy, active adults of tomorrow."

The club started with 1 team in 2010 and now has 7-9 teams with 4 coaches. They are very excited about the progress of the club and the increase in skill they've seen both on an individual and team basis. They are developing boys and girls who will become men and women of talent and character, as well as good soccer players.