Code of Conduct

We believe we are providing our players with a soccer foundation that will enable future success. As coaches, we are committed to working diligently to teach the fundamentals of soccer during practices and perfect those skills on the game field. We sincerely believe winning is a byproduct of learning and executing the fundamentals of soccer; nevertheless, we recognize that it is a process. It is our desire to help all players in the Blackhawks FC to achieve success as players, be competitive as a team, and to win at this level.

To that end, we respectfully request the following commitments from you to help facilitate our efforts:


·        Make every effort to make at least two (2) practices a week. This is for the benefit of both your child and their team. As a courtesy, we request you inform the coach and team manager before practice if your child cannot make it to practice and arrange to attend another team practice session during the week.


·        Be a good role model and exhibit good sportsmanship for yourself & for the team.

·        Avoid making derogatory comments to the referees or opposing players and their fans.

·        Make every effort to be at the game fields, ready for warm-up, 30 minutes prior to game time.

·        Notify the coach & manager, 48 hours prior to the game, if your child cannot participate in a game.  Also, indicate so with an explanation on TeamSnap.

Other Matters:

·        Choose to speak positively about all Blackhawk team members.

·        Show respect to all Coaches and the Team Managers and Club Administrator;

·        Inform the Coach of any personal matters or injuries, so we can adjust our approach as necessary;

·        Please allow 24 hours before raising concerns or issues concerning the Coaches, Team Manager, Club Administrator, team performance etc.; please bring these matters directly to the Head Coach. 

Lastly, thank you for your commitment to the team. We take our commitment and responsibility seriously.